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1 oct 2010
Jerangkang Waterfall - 30mins from Kuantan.
"Heaven" on Earth... I hope the time stood still when I'm there. A natural beauty that needs to preserve by all.

18 Nov 2009
We would like to share our experience in Taman Gelora. It is about 20mins jog from our homestay. It is a wonderful place for an evening walk by the park, enjoying the sea breeze. Your time with us in Kuantan is our pleasure, please enjoy..
Infinite view

E-Ah!, E-Ah!... Help yourself with foot massage..

Taman gelora- beach view

Sungai Pandan Waterfall...

Natural cool..

This will be the best shower you'll ever experience

The power of nature..

Hanging Bridge

A view from the hill

Kuantan has many interesting treasure yet to be discover. Sungai Pandan waterfall was one of the many passionate attraction. The water is crystal clear and the air is so soothing to breath which makes you a part of the this natural beauty. Going forward is Sg. Lembing Muzeum which spells out many mystic stories during the time of gold mining. This will keep your feet nails to the ground while understanding the interesting history of it...

Beautiful Sunrise..

Get ready for the climb

Time tunnel to golden era

Morning breeze, better than Air Condition..

Sg. Lembing Muzeum

Some common places that might be well known to many is Teluk Chempedak (TC) and it is like a "palm spring" town. Over the weekends, many street artist offering their performance. The sea breeze making this place another "heaven on earth".

The sandy beach of Teluk Chempedak, at the lips of South China Sea...

One of the resting "wakaf" (hut) along the hanging bridge in TC

Gateway to the hanging bridge

Hanging Bridge ...

TC sideway. This place will be very crowded with street artist at evening during weekend.

I do hope these picture fascinate you enough to experience Kuantan live for yourself. More fascinating pictures to put up... till then, enjoy.

23 AUG 09
As promised, more pictures... last week, we went to Gambang Water Park which is about 30mins drive from LEENAI HOMESTAY.

Family rafting

Kids love this... mini slide.

There's artificial wave as well...

Kids love this even more...

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