Our Value Customer

Leenai Homestay would like to extend our appreciation for the support of our value customer and family...
Majlis Buka Puasa Leenai Homestay... 21 Aug 2010

It is our honour to be able to accomodate a bus of 30 pax.

Suzzy family from Perak

Reza family from Kuala Terengganu...

En. Amirul's Savvy Troop from KL, JB, Sarawak. Heading to Pekan for "Auto Show"

Leenai car porch, 15 cars fitted (Leenai said: we just realised that, thanks to Savvy troop)

En. Firman's friends and family from Marang, Terengganu "kite".

En. Shahril and family, from KL... "will be calling Leenai again when back in Kuantan"

En. Hafizul and family from Segamat... "Terima kasih Leenai"

Mr. Ryan and "geng" from KL ....

En. Rosli and family from KL... "Raja Sehari"

Miss Liew Family from Johor "Have enjoyable time in Kuantan"

En. Muzamal and family from KL

Pn. Haziah and family from Negri Sembilan

En. Zuraidi and family from Perlis..